Business consulting

for customized and targeted solutions

Business Consulting enables you to make the most of your technological advantages and to exploit your key success factors!

Is it up to you, the company, the strategic decision maker, to make the right decisions in real time?

Do you have recurring problems for which you do not have the answers?

A need to evolve your business processes but you don’t know how?

A request to optimize your information system but you don’t have the internal skills to do it?

Need to transform or transition your internal functions?

Many questions that remain unanswered? Lojelis helps you in your approach!

We've got your back!

Our Business Consulting services, and its array of expert profiles, allow us to intervene in any particulier business function and adapt according to the need and address the problematic with precision.

Whether it is for purchasing, production, or HR, our IT business consultants are the first point of contact! Our IT consultants offer you:

Our IT consultants bring you:


Field specific expertise (finance, inventory management, human resources, digital marketing, management, recruitment, or IT)


An internal and external analysis of your information system


Technical and organizational solutions to meet your needs


Tailor-made and sustainable support

Our Business Consulting service can intervene
in all business functions.


Collection of the necessary information to target your needs and understand the problems of your company


Detailed and precise study of the collected elements to give you a complete diagnosis of your information system


We advise you and recommend different solutions to respond to the elements identified during the analysis phase of your information system


Depending on the chosen solution(s), we propose a specific and detailed action plan especially designed for your company


we accompany you through each step of the process to implement the necessary changes and equip your teams to operate the new solutions


It's a long-term relationship. We conduct regular follow-up meetings and a present of the results to make your solution evolve according to your needs and to carry out the corrective actions if necessary, on the go

Our Business Consulting service is the first step in the analysis of your information system.

Once the analysis is done, different solutions can be proposed to you and call upon our other services.

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    For the development of a software, a business application or a mobile application useful for the growth of your company


    Thanks to our partnerships with software publishers such as Oracle, SAP or Cegid, we can offer you ERP solutions adapted to your expectations!

    Data and Business Intelligence

    Take advantage of our consultants’ experience to learn how to use your data and optimize your business!