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We propose a personalized offer according to your line of business.


Lojelis expert consultants are at your disposal to observe, understand and propose solutions adapted to your needs.

A market in full mutation


As a player in the automotive market, boost your company’s performance and enter the new era of the automobile. A changing market, you face many challenges and changes in your working methods depending on your line of business. Agility, reactivity, and innovation are your key words. Lojelis accompanies you in the improvement of your information systems  to anticipate, detect and respond with agility to your current and future needs.
Goods as diversified as the market

Consumer goods

Differentiating yourself from the competition is an economic challenge for your company.

Benefit from the best tools to improve your supply chain, detect the best opportunities in your market or analyze your customer data with precision.

Lojelis consultants can, thanks to partnerships with editors, offer you a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

Training and innovating for tomorrow

and research

Enrich the teaching and learning experience, connect and secure your research without difficulties, there are solutions specifically designed for your industry.

Modernize your IT infrastructure and applications, to gain competence and efficiency in the long term.

Lojelis can assist you in your modernization project from A to Z and our experts train you in our solutions.

To offer a personalized user experience

Media and entertainment

Your audience has changed its consumption habits, and is used to consuming what it wants, when it wants and where it wants. The demand for innovation is high to continue to attract your audience.

You must therefore innovate in terms of content, delivery and overall user experience. Lojelis can help you in the transformation of your business processes and functional areas.

Production solutions by sector

Industrial Production

Accelerate your products to market, improve the efficiency of your supply chains, or redefine your production lines to increase efficiency.

Based on your industry, we develop a solution to help you design, plan, create, deliver and analyze your product value chain.

With our solutions you can safely invest in innovation knowing that you are improving the quality of your final products.

Accessible health for all


Whether you are a health insurance company, a health care provider or a public health system, we can help you to digitalize your solutions and improve your software.

Thanks to our experience with Axege conseil, our subsidiary specialized in the health sector, we can develop for you software and business applications specific to your sector.

Improve your patient follow-up, and the management of your company and your team.

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