Corporate Social Responsibility

For a CSR with strong environmental

and social values

Lojelis creates initiatives that respect the environment and sustainable development through CSR.
It is also committed to providing a pleasant quality of life for employees and involving customers and partners in respectful human relationships.

The environment A commitment with sincerity and determination

Zero carbon footprint

As part of its environmental project CSR, Lojelis wants to move to a zero-carbon footprint for all its employees’ travel by 2025. The objective is to replace the fleet of historically combustion vehicles with a fleet of electric vehicles. The challenge is also to make employees aware of the need to use new means of transport and therefore to change their current travel habits. For example, the usage of green mobility like bicycles, scooters, or walking, and to encourage the use of public transport and vehicle sharing in the city where the company is located.

Smaller, more responsible everyday actions

Small gestures for a global impact. In the company, in the agencies or at our subsidiaries, we make our employees aware of the need to adopt more responsible and thoughtful everyday actions. For example, limiting unnecessary printing considerably reduces our paper consumption. Or including sorting garbage cans where necessary to facilitate the adoption of in-house recycling. We consider that every gesture is important and counts for the future.

The Human Action by all stakeholders

Acting with integrity and mutual respect

Daily, we collaborate, discuss and exchange with all the company’s stakeholders. The key point is to encourage communication and exchange, always with respect and honesty in our human relationships. Each employee can help the company move forward and each idea can be an opportunity for development.


Training according to the wishes of our employees

Always listening to our employees, the company wants to provide the best possible quality of life at work. Therefore, we always support training initiatives for our employees in order to evolve and increase their skills. This brings confidence and acquisition of new skills for the employee.

Economic development Supporting national and international growth

Being part of local growth

We wish to perpetuate and energize our territorial anchorage to maintain economic and social activity both in France and internationally, thanks to our presence in the United States. We are involved in local public policies, through our willingness to sponsor associations or to be a patron of institutions that are useful to the community. 

Exchange: the foundation of our ethical approach

We see our ethical approach as an opportunity to go beyond our legal obligations. We encourage all our stakeholders, both external and internal, to contribute to the improvement of our approach and participate in its evolution. Ethics, in a climate of trust and respect for all stakeholders, encourages innovation, reduces risks and contributes to the company’s reputation. The recipe for development is building together.

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