Digital solutions for your development!

The Digital department partners with you in your development projects and designs software, business applications or web applications to digitalize and optimize your activity!

Why digitalizes your activities?

Development of customer relations and customer satisfaction difficult?

Production software that no longer meets your needs?

An old and unresponsive software interface?

Need a specific business application?

Many questions that remain unanswered? Lojelis helps you in your approach!

Depending on your activity and your sector, your company can benefit from a personalized digital solution specifically developed for your current and future needs!

From supply chain:

For a reactive and mobile interface that meets the needs of supply management

To the industrial world

To meet the needs of industrial processes and internal management tools through business applications

To the retail world

By developing custom software for optimized production management

Audit and Diagnosis

Analysis of your current system to understand your problems and consult a solution that corresponds to your expectations and your challenges.


Proposal of one or more solutions that can meet your needs in terms of digital application development.

Design and Implementation

We realize your solution from A to Z to perfectly match your system and your needs. Development of software, business applications or mobile applications.


Once the solution is developed, we integrate it into your system and check all the functionalities for operational functionality and a quick integration by your teams.

Third Party Application Maintenance (TPMA)

Because our service is not limited to integrating your solution, we also take care of maintenance to ensure that your software or application is always up to date and evolving according to your needs.

Our knowledge


Our mastery of different languages can be used for the development of your custom solutions (list: .Net/, .Net Core (C#, ASP.Net), Javascript, Typescript (Angular, Angular JS), Progressive web app, Expertise Microsoft).


A team composed of varied but complementary profiles to create software and applications that meet your needs (list: Fullstack developer, Frontend developer, Backend developer, Network architect, System administrator)


Expertise in UX and UI design that allows us to create solutions that are both useful and ergonomic for a better user experience

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