E-Business Suite Cloud

Responsive and Adaptable

for Your Business

A solution with multiple assets that will seduce you and convince you to move to the ERP Cloud era in complete security


A strong partnership
with Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud

Lojelis, for 17 years now, has been working in close collaboration with the software publisher Oracle. Our employees have a thorough knowledge of the solutions offered by the No. 1 ERP publisher.

We can accompany you from A to Z in your approach to improving or creating your ERP for your company. 


The audit and the analysis of your needs will be used as a basis to write a specification which will consider the human and financial resources of your company to answer precisely your need.

Development and implementation

Each step of your project is important, the choice of the editor, the software, the development, the implementation, and the data migration are essential steps for the daily use of your solution.

Technical support

The technical assistance is there to answer the various questions or problems encountered during the use of your ERP. Daily, we accompany you and solve the problems encountered by your team.


For a better handling of the solution for your whole company, we train you to your ERP to be sure that you can master all the proposed functionalities.

Agility and scalability:

Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud,
the solution for fast growing companies


The SaaS (Software as a service) mode allows the solution to evolve as your company grows. Always at the cutting edge of technology, your ERP cloud will not become obsolete and will require less maintenance on your part.


Whether you are in France, in the European Union or even worldwide, you will have access to your E-business suite cloud solution from anywhere. Each of your collaborators will be able to access useful data instantly.

External outsourcing

The outsourcing is carried out by the supplier, which saves time for your company.

Data security

The security of your company's data is managed directly by your provider. They have all the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to keep all your company's data secure.

Cost reduction

Thanks to its ease of implementation, the integration time is less than a native ERP, so you will have a lower cost for the daily use of your solution.

Interconnection with cloud applications

Because it already has a native web technology, it communicates easily and quickly with cloud applications available on the market. So, if you want to upgrade your ERP, you can add new functionalities without constraint.

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